Harley Oliver Digital
Harley Oliver Digital
Toronto-based design and user-experience agency


Digital First. Design Thinking. Multi-disciplined.

13 years in the game.

We’ve been working with startups and entrepreneurs for over 13 years — helping design products and scale their business in the dynamic digital economy. 



The first iPad app for Live Nation, Ticketmaster

Connecting 1.5 million music fans to their favourite artists. 



When it comes to E-commerce

Product is hero.



Sales increase by making  a seamless

User Experience.



Designed to

Sell more.



Only with Harley Oliver

22 days to prototype.


For most projects we can complete a full design cycle within a month — so you, or your stakeholders, can have a proof of concept in hand to make faster and more informed decisions.



law of the instrument –

If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer – then every project begins to look like a nail.

Discoveries challenge our team to think differently, giving your product a clear advantage. 


"Complexity thrives in technology that has the unforgiving task of reaching millions of daily users. HO has an unique way of navigating to the root making complex problems feel impossibly simple."

– Levon Sharrow, Design Director – Nike, Oregon