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Press Release – December 15th, 2017

We have big news.

And it's great news! To better realize our mission, AviStudio will become part of Harley Oliver, a product design and user-experience agency operating under Harley Oliver Ventures.


"Our dream is to design better user experiences for the devices in your pocket and the ones that connect your home.  Better experiences and interfaces that allow people to explore, learn, work and play, making the technologies we encounter every day more accessible, easier, and simply better."

- Ben Leoni, Founder



What Now?

AviStudio has been acquired by Harley Oliver Ventures Inc. and will be operating under Harley Oliver (Digital) from Toronto, Canada - starting January 2018.

The acquisition was necessary for the long term growth of both our clients and the ventures we’re invested in. With 13 years in product design and innovation, we’re extremely excited to broaden our design and user-experience capabilities to improve the way technology plays a role in our homes, cars, and public spaces.


What's Changing:

For our recent clients, you can just think of it as a name change! Our services have been refined as we begin to focus more on startups, brands, and entrepreneurs looking to create disruptive digital products and services for the connected space (Google Home, Apple TV, Wearables). The AviStudio website, emails, and branding will be acquired and retired. Our servers and hosting have been sold. Our billing information is managed by the same team, but our phone lines will migrate to HO, and our social accounts will transition to HO. 


What's stays the same:

We’re still in Toronto but with a larger team. We have a refined mission, the same leaders, more space. We’re keeping the same services, but focusing on the best we have to offer.




To fulfill our mission in helping entrepreneurs and startups developing products that bridge the gap between digital and the physical space.  

As technology becomes a more integral part of our lives, home, health, and transportation we believe that design has a responsibility to ensure human-needs are met. Great UX means designing with the people at the centre, to design for intent, intuition and to ensure that technology compliments - not intrudes. We intend to conquer this space by designing experiences that are efficient, effective, and seamless to make the way you live, shop, discover, and play better.



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