Harley Oliver Digital
Harley Oliver Digital
Toronto-based design and user-experience agency

Harley Oliver creates a digital training program to build mental toughness in high-performance athletes. 




The majority of a millennial and Gen-Z user engages with content through their phones and social apps like instagram and snapchat. With this insight in-hand we created an user-experience that connected MC with their audience in one click. 


AviStudio was acquired by Harley Oliver in 2017 - Read Press Release



Content & Media

Harley Oliver worked with Mentally Charged on designing everything from the: business model, educational series, through to product development, and dissemination.

Great design ensures that technology doesn’t ‘get in the way’, rather it amplifies one’s experience. This series provided Mentally Charged users a one-on-one connection to Coach Corey Lucas, keeping it authentic and personal.


Digital content published across multiple apps in just one click.


Empowering Corey to produce, run, and deliver his Youtube Series, manage and update content through all properties, and engage his fans using basic computer skills.


Helping structure a Start-up, form ideas and define products takes these services:



  • Business Model
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Community Development Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Program Planning

Design & UX

  • Website Design
  • App Design
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience Design

Content Studio

  • Scriptwriting
  • Episode planning
  • Ciriculum content experience
  • Photography
  • Video + Post Production
  • Animation + Motion

Start-up Consulting

  • Interactive Planning
  • Experience Cordination
  • Business Design and Planning