Harley Oliver Digital
Harley Oliver Digital
Toronto-based design and user-experience agency

Harley Oliver designs a social shopping experience for international fashion label, Jennybird.




Discovery is where Harley Oliver triumphs. We work with our clients to identify the best strategies to tackle their unique challenges. For Jennybird, this meant a visually driven experience, geared at a future-forward demographic full of trend setters and social influencers.



Discovery - Methods

Like the Netflix Series Black Mirror – let us show you one method we use to paint a futuristic vision.

How will we shop in 2025? That one question drove our entire discovery process. We call it the futurist method:

Through mood boards, simulation and collaboration, we create a window into the year 2025. This thinking allows us to envision how future consumers will engage with brands, what will drive purchases, how businesses will operate, and what technology they'll rely on.

From there, we reverse engineer a solution, scaling those ideas to current technology. This ensures our client is built on a solid foundation that will allow them to grow and thrive for years to come. 



Design & User-Experience

Once we have an idea of what tomorrow holds, the solution becomes obvious. 

Jennybird needed to engage with their trendsetters; empowering customers to turn their star buyers into content that would fire up an audience, drive sales, and go viral. They needed a solution that connected shopping with the platforms people love. 


The user experience begins with discovering an Instagram photo posted by an Influencer.  The #tag categorizes all user images so when the user links to the site they're greeted with the same set of images with shoppable items enabled.  One click and their off to check-out!



Code & Technology

We created a seamless user experience around Instagram, and we leveraged existing Shopify technologies to do so. Now, #birdgirls everywhere can upload to Insta and utilize hotspots to make their images instantly shopable.  



Product Vision / Result

Use culture to drive commerce.

This drove our discovery, our design process and the execution – See the live site here


You can create an E-com experience like this too with the right planning and process. Creating a user focused social shopping experience takes these core services:



  • Strategic Design
  • Roadmap 
  • User Research

Code & Tech

  •  Shopify Installation
  • E-com customization
  • App Integrations
  • Custom Page Design


  • Content Art Direction
  • Social Media Direction

Design & UX

  • Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand design
  • User Experience Design