Harley Oliver Digital
Harley Oliver Digital
Toronto-based design and user-experience agency

Back-up Copy:

Master of user experience and Interaction in its entirety. Code-based. Design obsessed.

We design digital experiences,
products, and content for mobile and beyond.


Highest in its class with the most prestige watch and jewelry brands in the world.  High-end design is paramount for the experience of Royal de Versailles. 


Analyze the Why

In order to bring clarity, we remove the noise leaving behind any assumptions you may have.

Discover the How

Harvard explains the process as the one to follow

Create the What

Creative expression merged with purpose create an unforgettable brand experience. 

We are Toronto's Premier Content Creation Studio offering multimedia services and Studio Space from YouTuber's, to filmmakers to Big Broadcast.

It's 2028, UX & interaction design is the most significant roll to a consumers purchase.

Google made us do it.

In summer 2017, I made a trip to meet with the San Fransico Googlers.  Becoming a preferred vendor for Google made our legal friends scorer through the critiria of working and building the brand on a global scale.  

The reality was this. WE could create fun things but reaching the masses was the challenge we've been preparing for. There was no time like the present. 

So, we structured our business for global scalablity, and clarity so HOV and HOD could operate under california state law. 

How we work

We take an interdisciplinary approach to your brand communications.  We discover untapped potential, align your digital touch-points, and optimize how they interact with new technologies. In other words, we identify growth potential you didn’t even know you had, and we rely on four areas of expertise to do it:

Our Capabilities

Branding + Design

Brand Identity
Social Branding
Product Design
Naming, Namestorming
User Experience Design

Web + Digital Services

Web Design
Shopify, WordPress Builds
Product Builds
Development + Coding

Content + Multimedia

Video Production
Interactive Design
Drone, 360°
Motion + Graphic
Social Content
Content Art Direction

Digital Business + Strategy

Digital Transformation
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
Strategic Innovation
Business Design
Product Implementation
Brand Positioning
Digital Marketing Consulting


Innovation starts with people.


Technology moves faster than human needs.


People are not one dimensional.


Empower Creativity

Employing 25+ other creators, our footprint spans across North America and includes Toronto, Montreal, New York, and San Francisco.